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Local Cemeteries will allow a larger choice of memorial compared to a Churchyard. Polished Granites are the usual choice but soft stone such as Marble, Crownstone or Portland are permitted although we would recommend the harder wearing Granite as it is easier to maintain in the long term.

*Before any memorial is erected, permission from the local authority has to be obtained and a fee paid. We will explain and assist you with this procedure.

*Please note when purchasing a Memorial from ourselves NO commission fee is paid to ANY Funeral Director you may have dealt with and never has it been the case with ourselves.

Cremation Memorials


There are three main types of memorial available for local authority cemetery ashes sections. A Flat Tablet, Ledger Desk (as image) or a simple flower vase. Polished Granites are permitted, softer materials also. We can advise you on what size & style are permitted in the cemetery.

* Some cemeteries do allow Headstones depending on the area of the plot allocated.

Lawn Type Headstones

Cemeteries allow a wider choice of memorial compared to a local churchyard, you will be free to choose the design and material (subject to permission) although restrictions on size apply in certain areas.


We have over 1000 individual designs available through our Mason Art computer software and access to hundreds more from our suppliers if necessary.

A Portrait or favourite photograph can also be placed on your memorial using the latest technology at a higher cost than standard designs but will make your memorial more personal to your family.


Full Size Memorials

Some areas of the relevant cemetery will allow full size Headstone & Kerbsets. 

Styles, Shapes and colours vary and our brochure has many to choose from.

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