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Churchyard Memorials

Churchyards have restrictions on the type of memorials and materials due to their rules and regulations, the following apply to the majority of Churchyards in the UK.

Permitted Materials

Dark or Light Grey Granite with Honed Finish, Crownstone or Sandstone are permitted in accordance with the keeping of the church

*Polished Granites or White Marble are not permitted.

Ornamentation is allowed but at the minister's discretion.

Other Important Information

Most Churchyards have rules that state Headstones are not to be erected on a new grave until at least six months after the burial to allow for ground settlement.

*Permission to erect a memorial is required from the diocese and a fee is payable to the relevant church.


Traditional Headstones are available in many different styles and shapes for Churchyards, size and ornamentation are subject to permission from the local diocese.

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